Gallery Night Spring 2011, Studio 420b

With significant inspiration present, growing an idea requires little space. Mark David Gray curator and resident artist of splashing new Studio 420b whips up his creative gumbo with this recipe. Born of a workspace less than 300 square feet, the gallery’s loosely carved and ample surface area now allows for nooks amenable to his artisticContinue reading “Gallery Night Spring 2011, Studio 420b”

The End, Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman

Timely describes Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s season night-cap. A sarcastic toast to resurgent free market enthusiasm, and all the “self-making” delusions that tag along with attitudes encouraging reduction of society to no-holds-barred capitalism, Arthur Miller’s classic challenges this exuberance prophetically. Death of a Salesman reminds us all of the virtue found in honest reflection, as onlyContinue reading “The End, Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman”

Making the mold, Northern Chocolate Company

Walking towards the door, I imagined a scene flashing back to a developing main street in an early 20th century trading post. In this scene, Northern Chocolate Co., with its brick facade and iron-barred windows, would securely hold the town’s people’s earnings converted into a currency called chocolate. Historic Martin Luther King Drive, home toContinue reading “Making the mold, Northern Chocolate Company”

MKE Molecules, WMSE Buy-Local Bazaar

A sidewalk sign boasted availability of “fine fineries” at the Buy-Local Bazaar in the Kern Center Sunday afternoon. In case you missed it, here are few of Local Trolley’s favorite booths: Lovesick Robot Studios I mention this booth from the standpoint that I used to be a super duper Star Wars freak. The keyContinue reading “MKE Molecules, WMSE Buy-Local Bazaar”