Kitchen hot, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1 cont. cont.

Milwtown Beat Down, screaming that Michael Buffer chorus again tonight, brings group 3¬†of hip-hop beat-makers to the battle pit. In case you missed it, JCPoppe of OnMilwaukee (prelim 1 and prelim 2) and the Milwtown Beat Down Blog (prelim 1 and prelim 2) recapped weeks one and two. Local Trolley admittedly took liberty to haveContinue reading “Kitchen hot, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1 cont. cont.”

On Composers, MACA at The Alchemist

Jazz and classical compositions sung through the theatre space at the Alchemist in Bay View last Friday. Budding impresario and alto saxist Steve Gallam leads a small guild of musicians bent on reverberating their sound throughout Milwaukee, know as Milwaukee Area Artists and Composers (MACA). Original solo composition performances from Nathan Dill on violin, MikeContinue reading “On Composers, MACA at The Alchemist”

Who’s Next, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1 cont.

I gave a thorough once over to all the beat-makers (with material available) for Local Trolley’s week one preview of the Miltown Beat Down hip-hop music production battle. Knowledge of the Beatdown‘s pure bracket format would have changed my final picks, but my take on the artists remain largely unchanged, and not far off fromContinue reading “Who’s Next, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1 cont.”

Fair and Fun, Fair Trade Day 2011

Around town last Saturday, a well-knit community of small proprietors endeavored to share their passion for global economic justice. To commemorate Fair Trade Day, Milwaukee’s shops that uphold fair trade ethics opened their doors to promote awareness of wares and edibles produced around the world. Fair Trade Day celebrates growth of consciousness that as AmericansContinue reading “Fair and Fun, Fair Trade Day 2011”

Breaking Beats Down, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1

Miltown Beat Down 2011 kicks-off at the Jackalope tonight. The MTBD features a tournament format that will surely generate a buzz, and plenty rattling noises from car trunks lacking ability to absorb decibels of low-end bass emanating from the Third Ward. Here’s a primer to the beat combatants and analysis of the match-ups tonight atContinue reading “Breaking Beats Down, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1”