Retrospective: Summerfest Pitbull Show Recap

More than memorable, Summerfest 2010 hosted Pitbull on the Harley-Davison Stage. Are there words…? I tried… This piece appeared two weeks after Summerfest ended in the Sane Artworks Blog, I can’t actually remember but I think I was no worse for wear after having thwarted multiple suitors attempting to sweep my teenage cousin away. ——Continue reading “Retrospective: Summerfest Pitbull Show Recap”

Retrospective: Summerfest Shows, Public Enemy

Summerfest 2011 ignites an already raucous solstice season, in its 43rd year of jamming, the local tradition of traditions since 1968. Wasn’t there some other fest in upstate New York around that time? Oh yeah, August 1969… Last year was no slouch, and will be hard to top. Black Sabbath and Public Enemy played simultaneouslyContinue reading “Retrospective: Summerfest Shows, Public Enemy”

Who’s Sock? Broadminded: Blood is Thicker than Liquor

You can try to sit there with a straight face, but as Broadminded guarantees stolid faces may rip or tear. Another way to look at it, if you’re not laughing, their jabs at reality may land closer to you than you may care to admit. Darn ladies of Broadminded with their knack for wit andContinue reading “Who’s Sock? Broadminded: Blood is Thicker than Liquor”

Her View, Sara Ede: La Pajarita Frenetica

Milwaukee native and splashing photographer Sara Ede has long given up her residence here. She’s better suited to enjoy international adventures anyway (while propagating Milwaukee-ness without ever saying it). Armed with her trusty DSLR, Ede started eagerly documenting her traipse across the four corners of the world. If you have as much fun as sheContinue reading “Her View, Sara Ede: La Pajarita Frenetica”

Little Swiss There, New Glarus Brewing Co.

Sitting at the bar of your choice enjoying a cold beverage, another couple of merry drinkers belly-up while the bar tender asks “What’ll have?” An “Uh…” follows a pause, then with confidence you hear “I’ll have a Spotted Cow,” and “Same here.” If you’re in a Wisconsin drinking establishment, New Glarus Brewery’s signature flavor mostContinue reading “Little Swiss There, New Glarus Brewing Co.”