Super, Ultra, Listening, Marty McDoom

Making a few waves only takes one big ripple. Marty McDoom gradually builds his repertoire of music, adding tracks to his under-the- surface hip-hop playlists regularly. Marty McDoom recently dropped a EP demo online called Super, Ultra. Hey… McDoom might be on to something, Local Trolley got a chance to exchange a few words aboutContinue reading “Super, Ultra, Listening, Marty McDoom”

Drink the Well, ExFabula, Terminal Milwaukee

ExFabula sounds kind of tricky to say, but a name you should get to know, quickly. They filled Club Garibaldi in Bay View to jump start the neighborhood segment of their story telling series, Terminal Milwaukee. Milwaukee has its share of characters, and the one’s sharing their tales in this episode of Terminal Milwaukee provedContinue reading “Drink the Well, ExFabula, Terminal Milwaukee”

Suspended Hanging, MARN: Things on a String

Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) challenged its emerging artists to work vertically, in Friday night’s exhibition Things on a String. Roughly 35 designers worked with lengths of string that varied greatly in size, some dangling from the ceiling to the floor, others at a length reasonable for guests to reach the objects attached to theContinue reading “Suspended Hanging, MARN: Things on a String”

Eerie Americana, John McLaughlin and The Rogues

The tipped brim of a black dimpled fedora hides the eyes of a man plugged into an ornate guitar, his ivory relic looks to have magical powers. A deep gaze of an indescribable repressed pain, looks passed his arm as he belts out a custom version of The Animals’ classic House of the Rising Sun.Continue reading “Eerie Americana, John McLaughlin and The Rogues”

Storming the Bastille, Euphemistically Speaking, Forget Riverwest

Thursday night, somewhere deep in Riverwest a menace was brewing. It gained strength like a festering carbuncle with no medical attention and exploded on the corner of Kilbourn and Van Buren during the close of Bastille Days. Blocking the road, 38 or so co-ed 20-somethings wear nothing but under-roos and their bicycle seats (as inContinue reading “Storming the Bastille, Euphemistically Speaking, Forget Riverwest”