Connecting Under, Brighten the Passage, Third Ward Association

Equipped with a colorfully signs and an engaging dispositions, an enclave of public planning stakeholders took over the corner of Wisconsin and Water Street, generating a little commotion to attract public participation. The Historic Third Ward Association is planning what to do about that dark nebula under the I-794 overpass that connects Downtown to theContinue reading “Connecting Under, Brighten the Passage, Third Ward Association”

Vision Noir, Ryan Laessig, Milwaukee Alt

At The Hide House, the Milwaukee Art Beat street fair played silence between sets anticipating Fever Marlene . An old warehouse towered over everyone. Deep in the background next to the parking lot where mini-festivities took place, a few canopies stood on the lawn. The clothes rack I spotted could have been holding old towels,Continue reading “Vision Noir, Ryan Laessig, Milwaukee Alt”

A Message from the Author, L.S. Trolley

Local Trolley’s first six months has gone really fast, almost faster than this summer. It’s an unbelievable experience to get to know new people and share my secret passion of writing with you, and I’m just getting started!!! The response to Local Trolley has far exceeded my expectations, and You, the readers, have witting orContinue reading “A Message from the Author, L.S. Trolley”

Gallery Night, Summer 2011, Bryan Cera

Expanding like a sponge with access to water, Milwaukee can’t help but ingest all the art it can get its dilated eyes upon. Gallery Night in Milwaukee is truly reaching major event status, even without complete buy-in from all of Milwaukee’s artistic strong holds. Some of the Light, Blue Ant Gallery, Third Ward Through theContinue reading “Gallery Night, Summer 2011, Bryan Cera”

Seize the Moment, The Brass Rooster

Milwaukee has a knack for growing inspired efforts. The Brass Rooster leaped out of no where this past Spring, to become a prime example of resurgent artisan crafts fusing with entrepreneurial pursuits. At The Brass Rooster hats are not just sold, but blocked, shaped, and re-banded. Crafting dreams happens the same way, if you wantContinue reading “Seize the Moment, The Brass Rooster”