Mind Scale, Doors Open, Grohmann Museum

Advancing greatly in the 21st Century, Milwaukee School of Engineering has the monuments to prove it. Prominent businessman and regent Dr. Eckhart Grohmann, once headed Milwaukee based Aluminum Casting and Engineering Company and Central Control Arm before selling them. An ode to industry, Dr. Grohmann readily shares his passion for the machinery of civil progressContinue reading “Mind Scale, Doors Open, Grohmann Museum”

Indy 100, Borg Ward, Gozortenplat

A man on guitar plays solo, accompanying his reckless guitar strums with cackles of sung melody without tune. Live muzac really gets the adrenaline for the next act in a show going. The Borg Ward, unique for attracting antics of this sort, rightfully and righteously encourages spectacles, thriving in its new interior design and performanceContinue reading “Indy 100, Borg Ward, Gozortenplat”

Pt. 2, ExFabula, John Gurda on Capital Court’s History

Looking Back Historian John Gurda guided the evening’s story tellers by explaining signposts of historical significance to the Capitol Heights neighborhood and Milwaukee’s Black community. In 1956, a mall that came to be known as Capitol Court made Capitol Heights its home. It was Milwaukee’s third major shopping center, after Southgate, on South 27th, andContinue reading “Pt. 2, ExFabula, John Gurda on Capital Court’s History”

Pt. 3, ExFabula, The Sherrill’s, A Black Business Legacy

Still a Tale of Two Towns Ronnie Sherrill saunters up to the microphone. He’s Satin Wave’s proprietor, style deacon and local icon. In good spirits, he’s set the tone all night. To introduce his delivery of Satin Wave’s roots, soul music beat moderate ambiance from a classic juke box. You can ask just about anyoneContinue reading “Pt. 3, ExFabula, The Sherrill’s, A Black Business Legacy”