Sold Out, The Naima, Gnarrenschiff

Creeping in crevices up and down Milwaukee’s curvy strip of the Third Coast, for The Niama kicking-audiences’ arses comes second to just kicking-arse. The duo that makes up The Niama reek of deep Milwaukee roots that span both sides of the Hoan, and rock like skinned-elbows and the stories that go with them. This dude SteveContinue reading “Sold Out, The Naima, Gnarrenschiff”

Gallery Night Fall 2011, MARN, Zimmerman Studios

Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) opened it’s Beyond the Canvas exhibition at Zimmerman Architectural Studios Friday night. The work presented in Beyond the Canvas featured a cadre of artists taking inspiration from the rejuvenation of the Menomonee Valley. Their expressions took on a variety of mediums ranging from water color, collage, to photography created EnContinue reading “Gallery Night Fall 2011, MARN, Zimmerman Studios”

Dwelling on Cities, Gary Hustwit, Urbanized

Riding down Devon Street, on the way to Wrigleyville’s celebrated Music Box Theater, mothers wrapped in saris guide their children along by the hand. Cabs lurch from cross-streets attempting to join the main traffic line heading uptown. The sun slings low in the West beaming off building facades, some outfitted from the 1970’s with large,Continue reading “Dwelling on Cities, Gary Hustwit, Urbanized”

Dark Passage, The Alchemist Theatre, Faust

Milling goes on in the Alchemist’s cozy Bay View Lounge before the show, tension in the air? Maybe. Tonight Faust: A Night at the Mephisto Theatre opens. Aaron Koepec’s latest opus, an undertaking certainly. Using the infamous “e” word would belittle the production. Groundbreaking? No not quite the connotation to apply, although the show doesContinue reading “Dark Passage, The Alchemist Theatre, Faust”

The Old Board Room, Central Library

Engraved details in wood accented the crown molding framing the room from the ceiling down. Chairs held together by the original wood fibers surround a larger rectangular table warmed one time by a oversized fire place. Ferry & Clas designed the Central Library from the outside in, including the furniture. Formal enough for public meetingsContinue reading “The Old Board Room, Central Library”