Brown Street Academy, Alice’s Garden, Caroline Watkins

Before the storytelling began, a few light snacks helped calm a dozen students of Brown Street Academy. I asked one of the small group of mostly fourth graders, preparing to enjoy an after-school program speaker, if he was proud of his school. He nodded a confident ‘yes’. I would soon find out why. Despite theContinue reading “Brown Street Academy, Alice’s Garden, Caroline Watkins”

Carte Blanche, Cafe Bizarre, Reefer Madness!

  Nestled on 5th and Washington, on a surprisingly quiet strip in Walker’s Point, Carte Blanche Studios continues to imprint it’s butt on Milwaukee’s rogue theater scene. Carte Blanche’s current production Reefer Madness:The Musical enters it’s last weekend on Friday November 18th at 8pm, a stage adapted lampooning of the 1936 alarmist propaganda campaign againstContinue reading “Carte Blanche, Cafe Bizarre, Reefer Madness!”

Oriental Theater, Almodovar, The Skin I Live In

At the Oriental Theater on Farwell Avenue, filmmaker Pedro Almodovar took refuge in his versatility to deliver a vexing psychological thriller with recently released The Skin I Live In. Taking Antonio Banderas out of his cartoonish American film typecast, Almodovar spins a convoluted tale oriented around the tightly wound life of renown surgeon Dr. RobertContinue reading “Oriental Theater, Almodovar, The Skin I Live In”

Abstract Severe, Jason Anthony LeRoy

Magicians coined the phrase the “hand is quicker than the eye”, with alacrity Jason Anthony LeRoy proves the hand may out quick the mind. Leaving his works’ presence then returning to stare again, starring once gives no guarantee of capturing all illusions trapped in LeRoy’s art. A theme of Gallery Night Fall Edition 2011 atContinue reading “Abstract Severe, Jason Anthony LeRoy”

Piqued Canvas, Jenie Gao

Walking into Studio Lounge, large canvases covered in artistic expression offer salutations, bizarre and gripping. On the canvas lay familiar forms, a profile of a face, the appendage of an animal, a human body clothed. The forms meld together, a technique exquisitely conveyed by Jenie Gao. Featured on Gallery Night at Studio Lounge, Jenie GaoContinue reading “Piqued Canvas, Jenie Gao”