Art Closing New Year, Taryn Simon

At the Milwaukee Art Museum, an intense collection of photographs that bring to life still images contained in Taryn Simon’s three major book releases hangs quietly. An absolute gem and highly recommended to photographers Taryn Simon: Photographs and Texts closes tomorrow on New Year’s Day, luckily the Milwaukee Art Museum is open all weekend. InContinue reading “Art Closing New Year, Taryn Simon”

Cheap Pre-Xmas Eve Activities, Downtown Milwaukee

So friends, family and the in-laws may be in town for the holidays, and with Christmas just two days a way, low cost activities might be in order. Here are a few options if you are up for a little jaunt about town. Historic Milwaukee Skywalks Tour Meeting at 1pm in the Shops of GrandContinue reading “Cheap Pre-Xmas Eve Activities, Downtown Milwaukee”

Brighten the Passage, Design Competition

If you live or hang-out downtown and wanted to get from happening Eastown areas like Jefferson or Milwaukee Street to the Third Ward, you’ve probably considered what a pain finding parking in the Third Ward makes your drive and how you didn’t really want to spend $10 bucks on a cab to just go fourContinue reading “Brighten the Passage, Design Competition”

Two-wheeled Sleigh, Santa Rampage

‘Tis the season again, and why not be merry. No snow yet, a nice extended fall. There’s egg nog to choke down and hot cider brandy’s to warm the belly… and beer does’t really need an occasion. For hardcore urbanites, a breed multiplying in all walks of life, Christmas season also brings another opportunity toContinue reading “Two-wheeled Sleigh, Santa Rampage”

Frankie Latina, Modus Operandi

Not many Milwaukee-based film efforts have maneuvered to that corner seat at the bar ready to be dubbed instant cult-classic, the way Frankie Latina slid his production Modus Operandi on to the screen in 2009. Although for many different reasons, pretty much the only other film (documentary) of like birthplace I can think of doingContinue reading “Frankie Latina, Modus Operandi”