Intersections, Sherman Perk, ExFabula

They used to fix cars in there. Today the bay doors decorate the sitting area of Sherman Perk , still functional, a prime example of urban adaptive reuse of real estate. Sitting on the base of the triangle formed by Roosevelt, Keefe Avenue, and 51st Street if there was a Gold Coast within any neighborhood,Continue reading “Intersections, Sherman Perk, ExFabula”

Bronze Age 2.0, Vanguard Sculpture Services, Gallery Night Winter 2012

Glancing out the window while commuting down 35th Street, in the 30th Street Industrial Corridor, you might imagine yourself a red blood cell floating through plaque crusted arteries. The decay of weathered brick one-story machine shops, once churning with activity, appear largely abandoned and vacant. Some shops are now schools or churches, some shops maintainedContinue reading “Bronze Age 2.0, Vanguard Sculpture Services, Gallery Night Winter 2012”

Bernard Roberts, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

Undulating in a permanent resting positions, Bernard Roberts‘ globular forms spread out then consolidate, wagering sharp edges against the pedestals supporting them. The metallic surfaces blend shades of earth metals with molecular tones of cobalt and hints of ferrous. Evidently abstract, the personalities of Roberts’ sculpture works fluctuate dynamically, and constantly while viewing them. BackContinue reading “Bernard Roberts, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”

Cindy Rust Saiia, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

Framing themselves, steel panels accept Cindy Rust Saiia‘s decorative torch cuts that evacuate wanted areas of space, carving porous designs. Rectangular and thin, Saiia’s work hangs as elegantly countenanced industrial wall art, patterns giving food for mental conversation. Back to Main Post, Bronze Age 2.0, Vanguard Sculpture Services, Gallery Night Winter 2012 Bernard Roberts, BountifullyContinue reading “Cindy Rust Saiia, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”

Don Rambadt, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

Don Rambadt carefully petrifies daily habits of choice avian species and compliments them with dramatic accent structures that add dimension to the their sculpted perches, transposing the natural surroundings of the birds depicted. Highly angular surfaces on his pieces reminisce on the aesthetics of Soviet era propaganda posters from Eastern block European countries, working well toContinue reading “Don Rambadt, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”