Care Ekpo, Founders, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

A variety of traditional and pop sculpture styles flow through the hands of Care Ekpo. A full suit of plate bronze armor tailored to the measurements of a woman that no foe would wittingly show aggression, monumentally traces the silhouette of womanhood physically and figuratively. In the contemporary sphere, Ekpo displays several other table topContinue reading “Care Ekpo, Founders, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”

William Zweifel, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

Melding bronze casting and glass blowing, William Zweifel aesthetically pleases decorative art tastes with incredibly detailed woven glass structures that drape over bronze centerpieces. A native of Chicago, Zweifel now makes Wisconsin his artistic home where he constantly explore innovation in industrial arts. Back to Main Post, Bronze Age 2.0, Vanguard Sculpture Services, Gallery NightContinue reading “William Zweifel, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”

Laura Priebe, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

Imaginatively reconstructing pre-history Laura Priebe‘s depiction of a Moroccan Trilobite playfully and didactically leads an expedition to the primordial past. This creature sits reanimated from archeologists sketch books, so that its shell’s ridges and other sensory structures can be experienced in detail. Priebe has public artwork that can also be seen at Hartung Park alongContinue reading “Laura Priebe, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”

David Aschenbrener, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

Swooping and winding in and out of vessels possible of existing only in the artist realm of reality, David Aschenbrener miraculously takes ice-based sculptures of flowers and charges them with valiant gestures that marry the rigid bronze structures Aschenbrener gives the fibrous materials like stems and leaves to the gentle flowing forms of pedals madeContinue reading “David Aschenbrener, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”

Charlotte Darling-Diehl, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night

From stone Charlotte Darling-Diehl renders a caring figuring, a mother embracing her children in copious affection. An artist by trade, Darling-Deihl has sculpted folk art from stone since the 1960’s. Back to Main Post, Bronze Age 2.0, Vanguard Sculpture Services, Gallery Night Winter 2012 Bernard Roberts, Bountifully Shaped Cindy Rust Saiia, Coded Panes Don Rambadt,Continue reading “Charlotte Darling-Diehl, Founders, Vanguard Gallery Night”