Leap Week! Weekend Performance Happenings

Waiting for the next snow storm won’t make the Spring come any quicker, I get the feeling people can sense the season coming anyway. Don’t be so hard on yourself you earned it. By the end of the week, you’ll be ready for a few entertainment options provided by a few of Milwaukee’s brightest unsungContinue reading “Leap Week! Weekend Performance Happenings”

Leap Week! Milwaukee Area Composers & Artists

Live original composition jazz meets experimental performance theater at the Marian Center for Non-Profits for one night only on Friday March 2. The Notes Milwaukee Area Composers & Artists (MACA) jazz collective, led by Milwaukee grown Jazz composers and saxophonists Steve Gallam and Blake Manning, will perform in tribute to their first CD Release ofContinue reading “Leap Week! Milwaukee Area Composers & Artists”

Leap Week! 1984, Alchemist Theater

The Alchemist Theater swings full tilt into its 2012 season with its upcoming opening of 1984 this Thursday. This adaptation of the ubiquitous George Orwell classic, comes at the hands of Michael Gene Sullivan and directed by David Kaye. The cast includes several veteran upstarts including Jeremy Eineichner who currently moonlights a regular stand-up comedyContinue reading “Leap Week! 1984, Alchemist Theater”

Leap Week! Astral/Subastral, Riverwest Follies

The festivities of the Riverwest Follies continue for the 7th year this Saturday at the Polish Falcon. The Riverwest Follies offers an evening of family friendly entertainment including crafts, music and other antics insured by the MC/Host of the evening Sir Pinkerton of Dead Man’s Carnival. This year the Follies commemorate the 10 year anniversaryContinue reading “Leap Week! Astral/Subastral, Riverwest Follies”

Last Reel, Times Cinema

A buzz always hits the entertainment world around this time of year, the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science rolls out the Red Carpet for the A-listers to shimmer, pop culture mavens to swoon, and buffs to admire from afar. This year a solemn hum vibrates the Milwaukee art news, as the Times Cinema,Continue reading “Last Reel, Times Cinema”