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My Heart In Focus, Meleni Smith

Some roads serve their perfect purpose, along the way her’s happened through Milwaukee. Most importantly her road is her road, and it has taken feet, shoes, wheels, tracks, wings, rudders, hoofs, whispers, screams and prayers to travel it, her music always in tow. Her road takes its next turn with the release of her latest ensemble of vocals on My Heart In Focus, a drifting and extremely personal take on classic R&B and Be-Bop-Pop.

My Heart In Focus presents an elegant tight spin on ice vibe that slows its revolutions with arms outstretched, nicely contrasting the versatility Meleni can rouse as shown in her earlier releases. You just can’t box her in.

The roots of Meleni’s music authentically grip all sorts of ground, felt very clearly in her tracks Organ Donor 2nd Movement and Last Laugh anchoring My Heart In Focus as all out velvet hammer bang-ers. Meleni’s album even touches a little vaudeville in Grace Jonesin’. Major just due to Salaam Remi for brining a ferocious musical vision to the album’s soundscape.



In natural fashion when I asked “So you been majoring coast to coast supernova growing, you warmed up for some crazy show in NY a while back, wasn’t it Talib? Now you got the album [My Heart In Focus] dropping how close do you feel to blowing!?” Meleni shoots “I’m blowin’ every day I can wake up and choose what I do.” That’s what dreams are made of.

 Meleni Smith shines a consummate supernova not just in the studio, this live performance lets you see what many have seen but many more shall certainly see. Sound travels slower than light, especially in New York (well light travels slow there too). I don’t use iTunes, but I will now to snag this album, an alto love song to life: My Heart In Focus.

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Opening Shop, Urban Milwaukee

As urban writers becoming urban written-abouts, reaching the other side of the screen has to be kind of nice for Dave Reid and Jeramey Jannene, sometimes. Urban Milwaukee, an online publication covering urban development and politics, solidifies its place in the Milwaukee landscape when the doors of its bricks and mortar outlet open this coming Monday.

No Tourists Here, You’re one of the Gang

On 755 N. Milwaukee Street, sandwiched between a new copy shop and one with a sign to fancy to read, Urban Milwaukee jumped on the hottest corner in Downtown. Dedicated to urbanism, Urban Milwaukee‘s shop heralds odes of local significance, to the central tenants of urbanist philosophy that encourage use of alternatives to experience-killing automobile transportation and general enjoyment of post-industrial civic wonders, on everyone’s favorite ensign: the t-shirt. Their first two signature t-shirts hold clean and simple pro-Milwaukee themes, the first coining the infographic-aided slogan I [bike] Milwaukee and the second a visualization supporting the Milwaukee Street-Car.

Urban Milwaukee’s more interactive novelties will tempt idle minds and hands, including John Gurda‘s hard-bound companion to the critically acclaimed documentary (at least to us MPTV junkies) The Making of Milwaukee and a very unboring looking board game called All About Town Milwaukee. Minimally, shop visitors from wherever can come get their bearings to Milwaukee and receive a treat of great conversation with Urban Milwaukee‘s proprietors.

The Urban Milwaukee cava-bottle-smashing opening store event is scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks, but the store will be officially open as of Monday, February 13, 2012. The Urban Milwaukee store is located on the southwest corner of Mason and Milwaukee Streets in downtown Milwaukee.

It’s Official! Local Trolley’s New Digs

Local Trolley keeps rolling along into its second year, it’s Local Trolley’s One Year Anniversary! Kicking out a post a week was a good start, 2012 will brings big plans… the first, Local Trolley dropped the wordpress domain and know its plain old local

You exited? You should be! I am!

Volume 3 just wrapped up, take peak at the table of contents of Volume 1, 2 and 3 in the Local Trolley Archive! I know you love reading (and re-reading) about Milwaukee!!