The Dumb Over, Orcanine Abbey

Moving over dumb, Orcanine Alley, henceforth known as Orcanine Abbey, joined the motley gang supporting sell-outs, out-of-space pickers and desperate exhibitionist. In slacker-esque form, after Spring Gallery Night 2012 wrapped-up, Orcanine Abbey opened up dimly to launch its contribution to the mash-up Milwaukee’s art scene has coagulated. Cool Art Please Visually, varied and meticulous renditionsContinue reading “The Dumb Over, Orcanine Abbey”

The Candace Bailey Beat Tape, Madden Miles

Kind of like a comet, Mark Valdez Jr. aka Madden Miles swooshed in ready to win the 2011 Miltown Beatdown. Briefly, Milwaukee experienced that stream of genius that accompanies musical minds every so often, but the listening public didn’t have their telescopes directed and calibrated properly to fully appreciate Valdez’s contribution to Hip-Hop’s now generation.Continue reading “The Candace Bailey Beat Tape, Madden Miles”

Oven Art, ProStart, HeartLove Place

They say “home is where the heart is” and “food is the way to the heart”, if these pillars of coventional wisdom prove true HeartLove Place has a good thing going. A community organization fulfilling their congregation’s calling for Christian ministry, HeartLove Place teaches aspiring chefs how to feed their appetite for culinary knowledge, whileContinue reading “Oven Art, ProStart, HeartLove Place”

Sara Ede, Brazilian Graffiti, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo

All those people who love mural style street art just got lucky. Sara Ede, Milwaukee-born photographer and bonafide globe-trotter, recently self-published a book capturing exceedingly impressive work of muralists in two of Brazil’s most glorious cities, Rio and Sao Paolo. Brazilian Graffiti, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo shows why the U.S. is falling behindContinue reading “Sara Ede, Brazilian Graffiti, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo”