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The Dumb Over, Orcanine Abbey

Moving over dumb, Orcanine Alley, henceforth known as Orcanine Abbey, joined the motley gang supporting sell-outs, out-of-space pickers and desperate exhibitionist. In slacker-esque form, after Spring Gallery Night 2012 wrapped-up, Orcanine Abbey opened up dimly to launch its contribution to the mash-up Milwaukee’s art scene has coagulated.

Cool Art Please

Visually, varied and meticulous renditions of literal and figurative expression held a reflection of artist Lindsay Marx‘s mind on the wall-space. Spanning from realist plein air architecture to whimsical, and not so whimsical, contemporary projections of raw emotion, medium aside, Marx’s visual-points were made emphatically with several paintings and illustrations.

The Skrauss paints from a place seldom found by minds of ordinary cognition. Oversized canvases hold his broad but detailed brush-marks that leave deliberately gigantic comic-strip worthy scenes on a singular enlarged frame. A visual space left for blanks to be filled by your own personal dialog-ballons brings interaction to the otherwise stationary medium of painting.

Not On Mute

With music for manics, and fanatics in tow, The Manual Controller, offered a set of improvised blips and blaps live, with a sparsely lavish guitar escort.

Orcanine Abbey periodically opens to the public.

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The Candace Bailey Beat Tape, Madden Miles

Kind of like a comet, Mark Valdez Jr. aka Madden Miles swooshed in ready to win the 2011 Miltown Beatdown. Briefly, Milwaukee experienced that stream of genius that accompanies musical minds every so often, but the listening public didn’t have their telescopes directed and calibrated properly to fully appreciate Valdez’s contribution to Hip-Hop’s now generation. Unphased Madden Miles has plugged right along, opening ears with new refinements on beat fury for 2012.

Madden Miles latest beat tape plays prodigiously evoking all that was, is and should be heard in Hip-Hop musically. The Candace Bailey Beat Tape is available for casual listening or promo download.

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Oven Art, ProStart, HeartLove Place

They say “home is where the heart is” and “food is the way to the heart”, if these pillars of coventional wisdom prove true HeartLove Place has a good thing going. A community organization fulfilling their congregation’s calling for Christian ministry, HeartLove Place teaches aspiring chefs how to feed their appetite for culinary knowledge, while cooking up catered goodness for taste buds only satiated by savory and sweet flavors.

Skills Well Done

For those wanting to master skills in the kitchen they’ve gained whipping up tasty meals for themselves and loved ones, HeartLove Place runs ProStart a nationally recognized culinary curriculum accredited by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation . If you satisfactorily make mouths water to NRAEF standards some University of Wisconsin-System schools will recognize your accomplishment with Bachelor degree credit in Hospitality and Food Science related fields of study. HeartLove’s ProStart curriculum covers everything from hospitality responsibilities, nutrition science, and wine tasting to health codes, purchasing and accounting controls.

Make My Mouth Water Please

Want to bring ethnic and American food flavors to your next event? HeartLove Place has a full suite menu of meals available through HeartLove’s catering services. If your event’s main courses covered already, strongly consider securing sweet-tooth satisfaction from HeartLove‘s mixing-bowl. Local Trolley‘s primary recommendation Carmel Cake!

For more information of the ProStart culinary arts program contact Chef Dion Williams (414) 372-1550 ext. 128 or by email For catering details contact Devin Hudson (414) 372 – 1550 ext. 124 or by email

Sara Ede, Brazilian Graffiti, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo

All those people who love mural style street art just got lucky. Sara Ede, Milwaukee-born photographer and bonafide globe-trotter, recently self-published a book capturing exceedingly impressive work of muralists in two of Brazil’s most glorious cities, Rio and Sao Paolo.

Brazilian Graffiti, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo shows why the U.S. is falling behind globally. With urban officials there busy worrying about how to make cities livable, while growing their economies (rather than spending significant energy figuring out how to indiscriminately prosecute anybody carrying a spay-can), major metropolis’ in the Southern hemisphere like these bloom tremendous creativity, with no damage to the class or prestige of their communities.

Under pseudonym La Pajarita Frenetica, Sara Ede has displayed a tremendous eye for intriguing the lens with artistic landscape photography that picks out the scenes within a scene. If we keep getting lucky, maybe some of these works will eventually rest between bound pages as well.

Brazilian Graffiti, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo by Sara Ede can be had in customizable 8.75″ x 11.25″ hardcover for a base price of $89 US.

Additional Note:
We just got luckier, Sarah Ede also has available urban landscape and portrait photography projects entitled La Pajarita Frenetica, Retrospective 2010 and La Pajarita Frenetica (2011). Both works gorgeously share Ede’s ability to find highly attractive images and moments hiding within ordinary places and human experiences.