Outer Inspirations, Milw Alt, Gallery Nights

Two weeks ago I see this unruly event message from Milwaukee Alt about some month long gallery night. I go, miss mostly everything and have a great time anyway enjoying the wake of making. The taste that making makes, matters, it might not fit every flavor. In the glut of creativity Milwaukee produces these days,Continue reading “Outer Inspirations, Milw Alt, Gallery Nights”

Your Needing, Help Wanted, Alchemist Theatre

At Bay View’s Alchemist Theatre, their current production Help Wanted slickly looks at the cult of mid-20th century’s corporate class and doesn’t pull punches or hide the sexy back-room cogs that kept the profit machines running. Typical of Artistic Director Aaron Kopec‘s productions, the audience is treated to a show that transcends the stage, deliveringContinue reading “Your Needing, Help Wanted, Alchemist Theatre”

Fly Talker, Patrick Noth, Hardcore Gaming

Patrick Noth left the Milwaukee for the big pond, NYC, and instead of being chewed up he ground out a little space for himself in the improv comedy scene. With intensions of using his first passion for that music of beats and rhymes, he’s melded both with a solder of wit and lyrical skills. He’sContinue reading “Fly Talker, Patrick Noth, Hardcore Gaming”

Paper or Plastic, Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre

An intensely focused brand of chaos sort of missed the New Kids on the Block when they debuted 21 years ago, luckily creative forms aren’t left solely in the clutches Artist and Repertoire directors anymore. Brian Rott is distinguishing himself quickly as a visionary expanding the limits of traditional stage-bound theatrical performance. Founder and ArtisticContinue reading “Paper or Plastic, Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre”

Up and After, Milwaukee UP, JC Poppe

Do experiences ever end as they started? If they end, then I suppose not. JC Poppe became known in Milwaukee’s hip-hop music and media scene, and beyond, as a pretty solid fixture after about two years on the keyboard creating content for his own website Milwaukee UP. Early on, OnMilwaukee added Milwaukee UP as aContinue reading “Up and After, Milwaukee UP, JC Poppe”