The Peeling, Danaya Khartchenko, Summer Gallery Night 2012

In the Frederick Layton Gallery, propped up on a small shelf a couple of well-worn sketch books atypically invite peering. They appear weightless, floating with the levity of their contents. Next to them, a 11×17 or so framed movie style poster reads The Peeling, in thin modern san serif script, set on a putrid greenContinue reading “The Peeling, Danaya Khartchenko, Summer Gallery Night 2012”

Release Performance, Manual Controller, Salutations

Note: This video has not been altered and is shot in real time… Manual Controller doing some live spastism unreal. The Salutations album broke after two years in the making, constructed with all live hardware applications of digital composition. Manual Controller – CD Release (realtime) from Local Trolley on Vimeo. Manual Controller, Salutations is availableContinue reading “Release Performance, Manual Controller, Salutations”

Secret Lover, Unpop Art Show, Orcanine Abbey

People trickle in and out of Orcanine Abbey‘s most recent open studio, checking out Rachel Sutter-Smith‘s set of provocative illustrations depicting personages both fantastic and realistic; conceivably a few self-portraits delving into the depths of her own inner most spaces. A dude listlessly sits in an a brown high back chair waiting for what’s next.Continue reading “Secret Lover, Unpop Art Show, Orcanine Abbey”

CD Release Show, Salutations, Manual Controller

The digital/electronic music spectrum has a fairly large amplitude that crests with pop-corny sound synths’ endemic to Owl City tracks, hits a solid plane with mainstays like the Gorillaz, and sweeps to another phase of under-pop experimentation with a local debut release entitled Salutations, by digital impresario Manual Controller. A varied tempo ode to theContinue reading “CD Release Show, Salutations, Manual Controller”