Field Food, Growing Power Deli and Market

Growing legend and proprietor of Growing Power Will Allen delayed the grand opening of the Growing Power Deli and Market to pay small token of respect to his neighbors in Oak Creek. Just another reflection of the thoughtfulness that lends soulful heartiness to Growing Power’s most recent effort to sew seeds where they are mostContinue reading “Field Food, Growing Power Deli and Market”

Making Tracks, Talgo, Trains Down Capitol Drive

We won’t get to use them in Milwaukee, oh well. Anyone who doubts the new intersections between the old industrial age, and the new one taking place the in Cream City, a sight to behold on West Capital Drive and 21st Street made a believer out of me that Milwaukee should be a place thatContinue reading “Making Tracks, Talgo, Trains Down Capitol Drive”

New Ends, African World Festival

Twenty-years ago it spanned the entire Henry Meir Festival Grounds. Tough social times in Milwaukee’s Black community that spilled over from the 1980s, entrenching the 1990s and 2000s, eventually dried African World Festival to dust. Over the past three years, African World Festival has made a quiet comeback carried by the regular everyday-working, tax-paying, andContinue reading “New Ends, African World Festival”