Own Ward, Bay View Gallery Night 2012

Cramming activities into the last clement days of the year isn’t too difficult in Milwaukee and no neighborhood rises to the occasion quite like Bay View. There’s the South Shore Farmers Market and The Frolics. There was Pabst Fest and Bay View Bash, Art Beat, that other crap I’m missing, and now Bay View GalleryContinue reading “Own Ward, Bay View Gallery Night 2012”

Real Raw, Cooking Raw, Caroline Carter

Two women focus on a food processor, a friend in the field healthy eating. Ready for their next culinary television how-to episode, ingredients get sliced and chopped. They are making raw meatloaf. Sounds disgusting right? It gets better, the meatloaf they make contains no meat. As grills cool during the summer’s end, meats, buns, cheeseContinue reading “Real Raw, Cooking Raw, Caroline Carter”

The Miss Hit, Assassins, The Rep, The Hyatt

Incarnating the falling action of Stephen Sondheim’s musical story Assassins, Lee Ernst finally reveals himself unmistakably through an amazingly new gravely voice, taking himself up a notch from his deliberately muted early scenes. He’s ranting in a Santa suit about why the White House deserves an unexpected guest arriving in a Boeing 747. In hisContinue reading “The Miss Hit, Assassins, The Rep, The Hyatt”

Roast Your Choice, Stone Creek and Alterra

For a small pond, Milwaukee has never shied away from rivalry. In the battle grounds of Milwaukee’s corner taverns and mid-block pubs, brew masters watched their glory pour from beer taps. More recently, Milwaukee’s other favorite brew has inspired a less overt battle to fill coffee house mugs with specialty blends caffeinated beverages. What moreContinue reading “Roast Your Choice, Stone Creek and Alterra”