In Bloom, Reincarnation, Nadia Smale

It’s her first, but highly unlikely that it’s her last. Nadia Smale has an art show coming up at Orcanine Abbey this Friday night titled Reincarnation. ¬†She has moxie and a proclivity for making cool stuff, as all artists do, with an eye for aesthetic and guts to take chances. How can you blame her?Continue reading “In Bloom, Reincarnation, Nadia Smale”

Blue and Red, Quasimondo, The Seagull 3D

This band of theatrical misfits led by Brian Rott, have taken over a rugged space in Brewers Hill’s Fortress Building and turned it into an irreverent dramatic play land. Rott, Artistic Director of Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre, recently did the unthinkable. He tangled with the rotting corpse of Anton Chekov to produce his version ofContinue reading “Blue and Red, Quasimondo, The Seagull 3D”

Tasting Grit, Tap the Potential, Jeff LaDow

Aircraft routinely claim the distinction of the only ones taking off at General Mitchell International Airport. Recently at Mitchell International, Tap the Potential lifted awareness of people that defy the laws of social gravity. Tap the Potential is a month long initiative of Milwaukee Public Theatre¬†to give a platform to those that constantly face societalContinue reading “Tasting Grit, Tap the Potential, Jeff LaDow”

Suede Glove Slapping, Hotel Foster, One Self, Klassik

Over nerve-tingling live instrumentation, One Self in truly pro-fashion kicked out a jam, proclaiming the ability to feel something unexplainable and unseeable in the troposphere. A vet to the live performance circuit, One Self graciously set the tone for a Monday eve show, showing hip-hop has a few lives left before it hits nine. AtContinue reading “Suede Glove Slapping, Hotel Foster, One Self, Klassik”

That One Place, What Do We Know, One Self

Check a little ditty video with a little range by One Self entitled What Do We Know feat Kerri. M C Oneself “What Do We Know?” via Scott A. Baldwin on vimeo One Self performs live with a ton of others at Made in Milwaukee’s Creatures and Creators Halloween Bash at Turner Hall October 27.Continue reading “That One Place, What Do We Know, One Self”