Alverno Presents, Beautiful Dreamer: The Foster Project

Proclaiming ‘Old is the the new New’ on the most infamous social media outlet, attracted the comment “New is Ooover!” Can anything be official? Inducing a new understanding of ubiquity, when Alverno Presents announced Ryan Schleicher would lead a night of musical rediscovery entitled Beautiful Dreamer: The Foster Project the pieces of this musical threadContinue reading “Alverno Presents, Beautiful Dreamer: The Foster Project”

Snap to it, Furious Frank, Bad Genie

Darkness permeates the atmosphere, the bar’s rich and chocolate brown stain has the visual quality of an oak barrel that soaked up raw molasses for decades. Oversized canvases beset the Bad Genie’s walls, bestowing florescent pop art images of the great heroes of rock n roll’s childhood, bears dancing, a Vicious snarl. The stage onContinue reading “Snap to it, Furious Frank, Bad Genie”

Birth of a Buzz, Thriftones

“Motley” described a famous Crue of lost angles rocking the 80’s.  In Milwaukee these days, Thriftones get motley, genuinely. Their distinct brand of folk, rhythm and blues Americana bridges the front porches of Dixie to bonfires of the Heartland, open fields of Upstate New York to city blocks running into Golden Gate Park. The ThriftonesContinue reading “Birth of a Buzz, Thriftones”