Some Ideas, Art Milwaukee, Eastside Music Tour

I like the idea of a one block tour, it’s the next best thing to traveling all over the country chasing your favorite bands! Keepers of the local ART Milwaukee are making it happen this Saturday on Brady Street all day with the Eastside Music Tour. They strung together an all day line up ofContinue reading “Some Ideas, Art Milwaukee, Eastside Music Tour”

Staying Out There, UWM DLS, Boondocks, Aaron McGruder

Maybe because it happened to be Black History Month did the irony of Aaron McGruder’s talk at UW-Milwaukee’s most recent Distinguished Lecture Series evening feel even more striking. McGruder’s comic strip turned animated adult cartoon series, picked-up steam the past three years as one of the only televised young and flippant pop-culture outlets originating fromContinue reading “Staying Out There, UWM DLS, Boondocks, Aaron McGruder”

Madden Miles EP Release 2.14.13, Listening Party 2.21.13

Mark “Madden Miles” next project (Download the Kate Upton Beat EP) dropped on the net on Valenine’s Day. If you just couldn’t get enough of that you could have got out to the Kate Upton EP Beat Tape Release Party live in Racine February 21, 2013. Well if you missed that I suggest you copContinue reading “Madden Miles EP Release 2.14.13, Listening Party 2.21.13”

Blow a Fuse, The Quasimondo, Robot Cabaret

The irony of robots is that they are kind of low tech now. In Brian Rott’s latest amalgamation of ideas, props, plot and actors Robot Cabaret, we find out that quite possibly robots have feelings too. Extraordinarily imaginative, Rott,┬áin creative tandem with Michael Guthrie, centers an underlying point of tension around a Robot Detective thatContinue reading “Blow a Fuse, The Quasimondo, Robot Cabaret”

Miramar Theatre, Beyond Awesome

Beyond Awesome #somethingsomething via Spectral Productions on YouTube If I said I didn’t have a taste in music vulnerable to electronic bass music, I’d be lying. The genre has had its fits and starts over the years but has solidly stayed under the rug of hip-hop and club-pop, since Disco died. Nowadays it has aContinue reading “Miramar Theatre, Beyond Awesome”