Portrait Society, Niki Johnson, Eggs Benedict

The full blown quakes shaking the current discourse surrounding Niki Johnson’s Eggs Benedict, reached me as a mere tremor aftershock, a rumor of spectacular occurrence. I witnessed the aftermath of Johnson’s creatively seismic work during the day session of Gallery Night Spring 2013. Astounded, I expected to like the piece not to have my afternoonContinue reading “Portrait Society, Niki Johnson, Eggs Benedict”

The Marshall Building, Gallery Night Spring 2013

Rains drenched the week leading up to this spring’s Gallery Night in Milwaukee and a tornado warning. No worries there are plenty of great place to get stuck in the Third Ward tonight. Cohesion, would be the word that best describes what the Third Ward has achieved in the arts and entertainment lobe of itsContinue reading “The Marshall Building, Gallery Night Spring 2013”

Coalition of Photographic Arts, Gallery Night Spring 2013

In a wily move, the Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA) took over a traditional second floor office suite on upper Mason Street and turned it into a a multi-room gallery space for their 8th Annual Member’s Exhibition. CoPA, a contemporary photography guild, showcases and supports fine photographic arts of all styles. CoPA member Kelly CrandallContinue reading “Coalition of Photographic Arts, Gallery Night Spring 2013”

Brewers Opening Day ’13, Tailgate Smelt Fry

Growing up, I had a shit kicking, High Life drinking, roof laying, neighbor next door. He was also the first person I ever saw grilling in the rain under an umbrella, with a beer can and Marlboro smoking in one hand, turning brats with a serving fork in the other. Beside the yelling, cursing, racistContinue reading “Brewers Opening Day ’13, Tailgate Smelt Fry”