Fine Line, BVGN, Hide House, Nick Ludwig

Mirroring the image of a seasoned Olde World guild craftsman’s workshop, a studio space exudes consummate attention to detail. Jars and wooden vessels store troves of pens, like scaled-down silos stuffed full. Straight edges and obscure stencils of great variety each have their place, arranged meticulously. Tiling the tables and walls, the flourishing offspring ofContinue reading “Fine Line, BVGN, Hide House, Nick Ludwig”

Stormy Surfer, BVGN, Hide House, Tegan Andrich

In the undergrowth of the Hide House, creative spores germinate in a first floor alcove, a respite for a few recent MIAD products. Spring Gallery Night in Milwaukee gave them a chance to showcase their toils, carving dedicated display space into sections for each studio mate’s work. Bay View Gallery Night may prove more ofContinue reading “Stormy Surfer, BVGN, Hide House, Tegan Andrich”