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Creamy Skies, High Summer Milwaukee

Creamy Skies

Southeast to North

Southeast to North

At dusk Thursday, a miraculous scene accumulated in Milwaukee’s corner of our Earth’s atmosphere. It rained on one side of the street and not the other. Ten distinct clouds types formed simultaneously, as varying levels of pressure agitated water molecules aided by thermal fluctuations from the heat of light. A sight to behold, each cardinal direction projecting a range of emotive countenances.

In a final awe inspiring act, a bank of clouds swept across the Northern sky like the minute hand of a watch anchored over the breakwaters of Lake Michigan, countering the wisdom of time.

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A Night to Conceive, Summerfest, Jazz in the Park, Ayre in the Square


Milwaukee clearly hasn’t come close to setting the upper limit on its seasonal festival flux capacitor gauge. Summerfest and Cathedral Square’s Jazz in the Park will welcome Catalano Square’s new outdoor music series Arye in the Square to the turn of the Solstice revelry.

Tomorrow Matt Davies and the Thriftones light up the evening at Ayre in the Square. They’re a local outfit channelling calloused hand musical sense of classic blues-rock heroes and the feel good punch of a light-hearted touring jam band. I saw Thriftones a little while back at Frank’s and they’re sure to be just as good in fresh air.

Meanwhile at Jazz in the Park, Hey Ocean, a funky trio in town from Vancouver and fresh off a gig at Summerfest, will make their big giant yodel-y pop ballads that make most people happy, live on stage. According to their FB page, Hey Ocean has also made their obligatory hipster pilgrimage to Best Place, making them honorary MKEans.

…And meanwhile on the Henry Maier Festival Grounds, FUN will be at Marcus with Walk on the Moon and Family of the Year, oh and on the park general admission stages Billy Idol, Talib Kweli, REO Speedwagon, Amadou and Merriam, and Blues Traveler basically all at the same time. I foresee Milwaukee’s population increasing tomorrow night, in all age strata.

Increasingly common, summer alignment of outdoor music venues signifies just how appropriate Milwaukee’s national praise as a prime spot for urban enjoyment was heaped over the past year. Arye in the Park and Jazz in the Park are weekly afterwork outdoor music events starting at 6:30p, and Summerfest is going on all day long for the next week and a half.