Regal Breed, Alchemist Theatre, King Lear

King Lear (Bo Johnson) gnashes his last words in anguish clinging to his dearest treasure, lost within his own mind. Life’s seasons delivered him one too many harsh political maelstroms, one too few kindred summer swoons, his will worn away. The life of a King. We see him tangled, a heap strewn across the overgrowthContinue reading “Regal Breed, Alchemist Theatre, King Lear”

Mending the Viaduct, Three Bridges Park

The weather will break just in time for the dedication of Three Bridges Park tomorrow, an endeavor that culminates a 15-year rebirth of the Menomonee Valley. In the not so distant past of the previous decade the Valley was in pretty rough shape, with brownfields, under utilization, and livestock busting out of slaughterhouse pens stoppingContinue reading “Mending the Viaduct, Three Bridges Park”