Live and Direct, New Sound Underground, D’Amato

Under a dense canopy stacked with overgrowth, “Urban” music grew unabashed through the early part of the millennium, then people really stopped caring about the tangled vines of braggadocio and opulence. A few exquisite varieties of hardy musical perennials fought back in the mainstream and eventually were choked out by the seething onslaught of invasiveContinue reading “Live and Direct, New Sound Underground, D’Amato”

Improvised Acquaintance, Sugar Maple, Unrehearsed MKE

I’m standing in a small aisle between sets, voices buzz. Violinist Allen Russell just led us through a pleading progression accompanied by Pat Reinholz (Cello), Rick Aaron (flute), John Simons (double bass), Gabriel Hammer (drums), amazingly coherent for being unrehearsed, a quintet previously unacquainted. I hear a delicate voice behind me, comically high pitched and soft through theContinue reading “Improvised Acquaintance, Sugar Maple, Unrehearsed MKE”