Intricate Deluge, Alchemist Theatre, Closing Night

Even though they like jangle out of storage bins to dance in October, skeletons don’t smash carved stories for Halloween like the Alchemist Theatre. Per tradition, Artistic Director Aaron Kopec brings a bit of intrigue to the fall season with his choose-your-own-adventure mystery drama Closing Night. A cerebral crime story, Closing Night challenges its castContinue reading “Intricate Deluge, Alchemist Theatre, Closing Night”

Enter the Villa, The Quasimondo, The Bacchanalia

At the top of a ravine, two stair cases shoot down symmetrically into an expansive flower garden framed by an ornate wrought iron fence. From Lincoln Memorial Drive, glances at the distant beauty held in the Italianate terrace excite ideations that a real life Vito Corleone could have made their retreat there. In all ofContinue reading “Enter the Villa, The Quasimondo, The Bacchanalia”