Multi-Directional, Up and Under Pub, Shinobi Ninja

A few tried and true MKE hip-hop vets representing Unifi Records, and some new MKE kids GREAT and Bizz McFly from Safs Crew, warmed it up for Brooklyn-based Shinobi Ninja at the Up and Under last week. Definitely a Thursday night treat, Shinobi Ninja gives you a little rap, thrash metal and ska, feeding anyoneContinue reading “Multi-Directional, Up and Under Pub, Shinobi Ninja”

Pollination, Linneman’s, Caley Conway & The Lucy Cukes

She plays guitar and sings, her band backs her nobly. They have their influences but more importantly they have their voices and their instruments. Caley Conway fronts a musical outfit mellow enough for cautious listeners and understatedly rocking enough for the reasonably bibulous. Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes will release the Discipline Soup EPContinue reading “Pollination, Linneman’s, Caley Conway & The Lucy Cukes”

Smelly Lines, Manual Controller, MALUS DOMESTICA

Instructions 1) Enjoy this as a whole. 2) Wholly enjoy this. 3) This whole, enjoy. Manual Controller released his debut full length album Salutations July 2012 and it still has legs. Click the Malus Domestica (apple) to check it out on Bandcamp. Manual Controller – CD Release (realtime) from Local Trolley on Vimeo.

Going Cosmic, The Quasimondo, Love & Cthulhu

Professor Whately (Kathryn Cesarz) notices a few people ambling down the long hallway leading to the humble Quasimondo Physical Theatre studio space. She points the way cordially before meeting the rest of the group touring Miskatonic University. Like most college kids we were a little eager, possible a bit anxious, going so deep into theContinue reading “Going Cosmic, The Quasimondo, Love & Cthulhu”