Moving on Sideways, The Rep, Good

Really bad wallpaper hung in Margie’s kitchen. It might as well been the kind your grandma had. Dated decor lines the room, things look like they haven’t changed for an entire generation. MargieĀ (Lauran Gordon) sits with some old gal pals, Dottie (Laura Fisher) and Jean (Tami Workentin), volleying old stories about characters that have comeContinue reading “Moving on Sideways, The Rep, Good”

The Rote and the Writer, Alchemist Theatre, True West

Austin (Jason Will) has stolen away to the desert to have a stand-off with his typewriter, struggling to coax his next screenplay on to the blank leafs rolling through its paper carriage. He’s somewhere deep in the Southwest, house-sitting while his mother is on vacation. Even if his writing becomes more of a plow, heContinue reading “The Rote and the Writer, Alchemist Theatre, True West”

Radiant, Jazz Estate, Sidewalk Chalk

Expecting the same old dusky jams you can count on at the Jazz Estate, I stepped to that night more for the dim ambiance than the music. Though the music is always a bigĀ  plus. I get the per usuals and the main act is preparing to go on. Then this trumpet leans on theContinue reading “Radiant, Jazz Estate, Sidewalk Chalk”