Hands That Move, Helene Fischman, Draw Write Here

Memories quickly rushed back, drawn out by the arrangement of the tables. The large compressed wood rectangles with table legs, touching end-to-end, have plastic chairs tightly spaced underneath them. Adults sitting on them nearly hip to hip.  Utensils for writing, marking, and sketching stand in cups, some lay resting on the table’s flat surface. PaperContinue reading “Hands That Move, Helene Fischman, Draw Write Here”

Climate Control, Uprooted Theatre, Suddenly Last Summer

Down in the Bayou, Violet Venable’s (Marti Gobel) genteel Victorian sensibilities cling to changing times. Her son Sebastian, the apple of her eye, her muse, her poet, anchors their impenetrable blood alliance, rooted in his artist talent and the rush of collecting graces available only to those with penchant for the niceties of high artContinue reading “Climate Control, Uprooted Theatre, Suddenly Last Summer”

Deep Sweat, Alchemist Theatre, King of Pop

His contemporaries left silhouettes of incenerated ashes, others have more recently been unearthed long after their heyday, for years burried under piles bullshit they inundated each other with. He immortalized himself, a self-sculpted bronze statue still standing. Andy Warhol the central figure of the New Wave Pop Art movement did not plan to die; loathContinue reading “Deep Sweat, Alchemist Theatre, King of Pop”