Connoisseur Culture, Get Shaved, Bare Knuckle Barbery

   I bet you think you know the secrets to the perfect shave: one of those 7 blade self-gyrating plastic razors and some electric turqoise gel goop; It’s not your fault, you just havn’t come across Bare Knuckle Barbery yet. Oh, it’s the lather! And just as important as using natural shaving cream, is theContinue reading “Connoisseur Culture, Get Shaved, Bare Knuckle Barbery”

Alternate Resolution, Hide House, Philip Atilano

   Painted canvases quietly commanded a foyer wall in what used to be a tannery docking bay, now the entry way of Hide House Building 9.    Philip Atilano, stands at a table solo across from the works. There are not many people at the Hide House edition of Bay View Gallery Night, at leastContinue reading “Alternate Resolution, Hide House, Philip Atilano”