T’official, adoptahighway, Qualmness, A Fault p. 3

Adoptahighway is one of my favorite efforts out these days, and those. He’s built a ill body of work, churning content hard these past five years. The promo piece Qualmness off of his pressed LP A Fault continues culminating the melodic remedy he’s been treating us with.   Check the Video: Qualmness, adoptahighway via Wes Tank on Vimeo 2015 Blockhead creptContinue reading “T’official, adoptahighway, Qualmness, A Fault p. 3”

Can You See? Mad Planet, Busdriver

Damn conventional wisdom, Busdriver still matters if he don’t get heard. It baffles me that a dude can collaborate with one of the illest, illest, rappers of all time Aceyalone as a teen,  put out give-or-take 12 albums through out the 2000’s into today, and still be okay paying dues. That’s probably why he’s so raw. Not tryingContinue reading “Can You See? Mad Planet, Busdriver”

Man in a Mask, Angela Iannone, Theater Red, Seeds of Banquo

The build-up was there. I’m sitting with Marcee Doherty-Elst as she pauses before rehearsal. She’s one of Theater Red’s creative directors. They’re producing an a Edwin Booth inspired production entitled Seeds of Banquo. Edwin Booth? Booth rings a bell. That surname echoes through the collective memory held by our history. It rings present to thisContinue reading “Man in a Mask, Angela Iannone, Theater Red, Seeds of Banquo”