T’official, adoptahighway, Qualmness, A Fault p. 3

Adoptahighway is one of my favorite efforts out these days, and those. He’s built a ill body of work, churning content hard these past five years. The promo piece Qualmness off of his pressed LP A Fault continues culminating the melodic remedy he’s been treating us with.


Check the Video: Qualmness, adoptahighway via Wes Tank on Vimeo 2015

Blockhead crept in at Stone Fly for a banger cameo back in 2012. I stopped in to get my fill of nice beats and he dude is killing it with the controller. Breaking my usual form, of not running-up heaping awsomes on kids after they perform, I went up to him and gave my propers. Turns out it’s adoptahighway, ear recognize ear.

More recently he’s featured on 414Melt, while keeping a few other side projects flowing.

Check around might be some LPs still floating around Exclusive, Acme or Rushmor, download off of adoptahighway Bandcamp.

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