Shuriken, Doom and Bang, Shinobi Ninja

   You always see obscure band stickers plastered in bathroom stalls at the bar, on the fridges, or both; On empty shells of payphones, bus shelters and all kinds of other non-objectionable places, tattoos of the modern urban landscape. Then that one always jumps into your vision, hard to unsee, especially when the colorway gleamsContinue reading “Shuriken, Doom and Bang, Shinobi Ninja”

Coal Mine Canary, Damir Balo

   Promenading up the Vliet Street Artwalk this past April, I ducked in few low-key favorites like James Steeno Gallery, Four Corners Fair Trade, newer urban kitchy facades like ReStore; a couple that might not have made it through the summer like Milwaukee Apothecary and Bare Knuckle Barbery; found a few new spots like Milkweed Designs. TheContinue reading “Coal Mine Canary, Damir Balo”

Present Shock, Quasimondo, Children of Pac-man

   In an absurdly crude frog jumpsuit Ben Ludwig lays on a table. Pulled through a large television screen prop by a Quasite actor hooded in a Space Invader alien mask, they finally got him. Another Space Invader joins. Under eerie soft white backlight, they inspect the limbs of the most illusive character on theContinue reading “Present Shock, Quasimondo, Children of Pac-man”

Back to the Grill, Mad Planet, Rusty Pelicans’ 20 year

Yeezy put it out there, and some knew it all along. Forever young. Snap-backs, fades, ripped jeans, tennies, crew neck sweatshirts… all too raw to wait 30 years before coming back in season. Slim jeans? Been the greatest cross-cultural exchange of all-time. Taking the old – the 20 year old – with the new: RustyContinue reading “Back to the Grill, Mad Planet, Rusty Pelicans’ 20 year”