Bawdy in the Bridal Party, Theater Red, Bachelorette

   Her white dress, haute fashioned hand-spun dupioni and chiffon, tailored, waits in a garment bag hidden in her closet ready to hug her waist firmly, tighter than her groom ever could. White leather heels poised to lift her feet from the floor, lay together in box getting a good nights rest. On her vanityContinue reading “Bawdy in the Bridal Party, Theater Red, Bachelorette”

Then & Now, Inside the High Life

  We can reminisce on 2015 as the “Year of the Book” in Milwaukee, among many other dubious pop distinctions no doubt. Miller Brewing, the Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee’s neighborhoods (Milwaukee: City of Neighborhoods) and even its most infamous characters (Milwaukee Mayhem) got books published in their honor. In the case of Miller, releasing a book thisContinue reading “Then & Now, Inside the High Life”