Brooklyn Baby, Brooklyn Sun, Polly A

  I looked back at what I wrote after hearing Meleni Smith’s first full length album My Heart in Focus. It started like I almost started this post, with a metaphor about a road, her road. If it’s a road she on, her personal mix tape must play over and over, a day dream comeContinue reading “Brooklyn Baby, Brooklyn Sun, Polly A”

Your Next Brewery Tour, Best Place, Pabst Brewery

  If it’s not already, add Pabst to the list of brewery tours you are planning to do in Milwaukee this spring. It starts in the Best Place gift shop, which shows off more drinking culture kitsch than you can shake a can full of beer tabs at.  The tour’s home base is the BestContinue reading “Your Next Brewery Tour, Best Place, Pabst Brewery”

Oh wow, Alchemist, Theatre RED, Bachelorette

  So you try to include your truest friend on the biggest night of your life. You hook up said last-friend-standing, your honored bridesmaid Regan (Tess Cipinski), with the spoils of youre femine conquest: a swank hotel suite in downtown NYC. You bagged a rich groom who buys the crap out of your love already,Continue reading “Oh wow, Alchemist, Theatre RED, Bachelorette”