Classic Departure, Company Brewing, Sista Strings

In the depths of Milwaukee’s DIY music scene, a renaissance germinates. Classically trained brass and string musicians, pleasantly cross-pollinating rock genres of all types, continue their bloom. These virtuoso rosin their bows and swap out their reeds to spite traditional concert halls. They have carved places and musical structures of their own to express visionsContinue reading “Classic Departure, Company Brewing, Sista Strings”

They Say Us, Public House, New Boyz Club

  Over a year ago now, Public House lovingly thought to do a Valentine’s Day show. The scraggly line-up put Mississippi Sawyer, an old time roots and Americana jazz band that earns most of their keep busking Milwaukee street corners, in the opening spot followed by whimsical rock enthusiasts Holy Sheboygan. The bill wrapped with these twoContinue reading “They Say Us, Public House, New Boyz Club”