Liver and Chips, Theater RED, Bonny Anne Bonny

A jovial sneer reaches the corner of Anne Bonny’s mouth. A surly fellow known as Blackbeard, convincingly played by James Carrington, has unexpectedly encroached upon her flighty courtship of Calico Jack (Zach Thomas Woods). No strangers to trysts, Anne Bonny (Alicia Rice) and Blackbeard clearly had a thing going. In the present day, a little yelling wouldContinue reading “Liver and Chips, Theater RED, Bonny Anne Bonny”

Power of Life, Cooperative Performance MKE, Cambrian

Ex-post primordial Sampled evolutionary specimens Still figuring A mass without mass Weighing ages to come Matter without mind Electric only in the sense of latent magnetic pulse Innate urgency animated A quake, did it tremble? A tenuous balance revolved Axis before axiom Atomic, molecular plenty Hell, overtly engorged terrestrial heat Scortching core reaching the surfaceContinue reading “Power of Life, Cooperative Performance MKE, Cambrian”