Connoisseur Culture, Most Roastiest, Pilcrow Coffee

Three boards holding dark stain jut perpendicular from the wall, taught and plum square; it’s almost an illusionist’s trick setting table ledges of half-inch thickness this way. Stark white paint covers the walls thoroughly from ceiling to terrazo floor, broken up only by Pilcrow Coffee’s candy red trim wrapping the tasting room like a waist belt. Milwaukee’sContinue reading “Connoisseur Culture, Most Roastiest, Pilcrow Coffee”

Science is Fun, Cooperative Performance, Fruition of a Delusion

Going back to the future with some Duran Duran playing in the background, pre-engineering major Ruby (Molly Corkins) has entered her mind palace. Once there, her imagination reanimates some of science’s greatest minds to group problem-solve her core values and her life purpose. She searches for her true inner-being in a world of shallow platitudes,Continue reading “Science is Fun, Cooperative Performance, Fruition of a Delusion”