Acacia Theatre Company, Best of Enemies

C.P. Ellis (Ryan Schaufler) stands on a lye soap box publicly railing against all ideas suggesting black Americans’ right to liberty, especially education. He’s dressed in his Klu Klux Klan best, a silky white robe with a pointed hood. This is Durham, North Carolina in 1971. Home of Duke University, known earlier in the centuryContinue reading “Acacia Theatre Company, Best of Enemies”

Anti-Glare, Patti Smith, Horses Anniversary Tour Extended

She punctuated her riff on Van Morrison’s golden-era classic Gloria, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine.” His version introduced suburbia to shady rock stars. Her version, In Excelsis Deo, the first song in Patti Smith’s long awaited return to Milwaukee, brought the audience to its feet in a standing ovation. Many a MilwaukeeanContinue reading “Anti-Glare, Patti Smith, Horses Anniversary Tour Extended”