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Connoisseur Culture: Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern

Taking a seat at the marblesque horseshoe dining counter that centers the culinary action of Uncle Wolfie’s, it felt like the place made its home on the corner of Vine and Hubbard for years. In actuality, they’ve only been open a couple hours during their soft launch.

Set to open this Monday, Uncle Wolfie’s a self-proclaimed breakfast tavern (this might be a Milwaukee first) has the type charm you’d expect from a well-seasoned cafe.

A project of Whitney and Wolfgang Shaefer, they are making this spot happen by enlisting their battle tested service industry compadres and handing control of the range top eyes to chef Joe Singer.

credit: Local Trolley

How to Breakfast Tavern

Singer’s inventiveness will land on your plate as variations on staple brunch items like pancakes, potatoes, salads, steak and burgers. Egg benedict gives an example, served with a choice of meat options including salmon slices given flavor with a good soaking beet and tarragon juice.

credit: Local Trolley

As you might expect Uncle Wolfie’s also is caters to coffee lovers. They’ll make a variety of coffee drinks to contrast hair of the dog concoctions like hibiscus cocktail coolers.

Instant Mystic

The rise of European salon cafes in Milwaukee highlight timelessness of certain types of gathering spaces. When asked of the inspiration for Uncle Wolfie’s design and decor Shaefer responded quickly, “All of Milwaukee’s makers.” Many of the finishings and accents are design by locals.

The bench seating back cushions were made by Madam Chino, one Milwaukee pioneering handmade and sustainability-focused garment up-cyclers, and Directive a recently founded leather goods maker that has had extraordinary success in first few years.

credit: Local Trolley

The salon also shares a hall way with neighboring storefront Orange and Blue Co. that offers curated hand made or ethically sources items.

If your list of places to frequent wasn’t long enough, Uncle Wolfie’s deserves a place either way. Uncle Wolfie’s opens December 17 and will offer neighborhood friendly service 7 days a week, located at 234 E. Vine, Brewer’s Hill, Milwaukee.

Holiday Cheer, Next Act, The Twelve Dates of Christmas

Mary’s fiancé backed out of Thanksgiving plans claiming he ate ‘bad chicken’. Unexpectedly home alone, Mary watches the NYC Thanksgiving Day parade as planned. Her entire face a gasp, not only did her fiancé stand her up, but he got caught on national t.v. necking his highly manicured coworker… at the parade.

In a moment that probably got snickers during the show’s run, Mary insinuates that she’s now sure he ate some ‘bad chicken’. After getting publicly jilted, Mary (Susie Duecker) desperately tries to piece her life back together.

Oh Gee Thanks

Having a “typical middle American” social background, Mary’s support network finds increasingly proactive, however oblivious, ways to rally around her. Mary’s athletic and over achieving sister Sally (Susie Duecker) starts Mary on her regimen of unwanted help by getting her to blow off some steam on a punching bag.

Ironically, Mary’s anticipated rage barely registers on the training prop. This vignette gives a taste of how the “normal European-American” woman’s life course will be put on comical display, painted with absurdity, and depicted with exaggerated character sketches.

Mary finds herself jostled between her mom’s social expectations, her Aunt Kathy’s meddling, her personal respectability rules and codes (all 1,462 of them), and of course the sordid dealings of her courtiers. Her misfortune having begun on turkey day, gives ample time for social pressure to build up as each seasons’ holiday approaches, snowballing into her worst year ever.

As Mary recounts these follies in front of her Christmas tree, her mind’s resident keyboardist Jack Forbes Wilson and doo-wop duo Kelly Doherty and Marcee Doherty-Elst boost her dramatic stories with holiday flavored musical accompaniment.

Comedy, Commentary and Places Inbetween

David Cecsarini brings Ginna Hoben’s The Twelve Dates of Christmas to life on Next Act Theatre’s stage. Quip and witty, the one act challenges Deucker as Mary to cycle through about 20 individual character impersonations with thoroughly humorous and effervescent affect.

She travels fluidly to and from personas of her southern aunt, her midwestern mom, a harried New Yorker, a tragically hip barista, an Irish import bartender and a cute kid actor, and several others, immersing the audience in a year Mary’s life in run-on detail.

Kelly Doherty and Marcee Doherty-Elst, well-known for their acting prowess on independent theatre stages, can carry a tune quite harmonically and gave the audience tastes of their Doherty Sisters Cabaret throughout the act.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas closes with a matinee show today (if you hustle) Sunday, December 9 at 2:00p at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53204 in the Third Ward.

Many Phazers, Cactus Club, Dramatic Lovers

Dramatic Lovers is the latest configuration of a band of buddies that have a couple decades of history together making music. They play a indie pop/alternative riff on shoegaze, driving deep into any emotional cavities it can find.

They put out a 7″ on Foriegn Leisure records titled Make Believe/Made it My Own in the spring of 2017, then chilled out for a bit.

Dramatic Lovers, pt 1, Cactus Club, MKE

Dramatic Lovers is back around this fall with new music to close out 2018. Cactus Club hosted this outfit in mid-October, nestled in with Luxi (currently on her Lost Letters tour) and Buhu (Austin) on a random Friday. They rocked this live version of Made it My Own pretty hard.

Dramatic Lovers, pt 2, Cactus Club, MKE

They featured a performance at the 88.9Radio Music Awards 2018 last night. If you missed it, add Dramatic Lovers’ next show to your weekend bucket list, which is tonight December 7 at Colectivo Back Room on Prospect at 6:30p (a rare all ages show at that)… or just go sternum deep and see them at the A/V Club showcase at SXSW 2019.