Delightfully Ridiculous, Village Playhouse, Beyond Therapy

The restaurant sat empty otherwise. Bruce (Tom Forshee) waits nervously at a table going through his mental rolodex of personal ineptitudes. He’s joined in due time by Prudence (Bailey Haag) similarly disoriented by her foray into the dating game. They’ve been brought together by the precursor to internet chat rooms, the borderline maligned – personalContinue reading “Delightfully Ridiculous, Village Playhouse, Beyond Therapy”

No more shadows, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Ms. Wrights

A gray wool topcoat, plaid aviator scarf, wooden cane and bone colored felt pork pie, blaze in our subconscious as marquee fashion pieces of a quintessential figure of 20th century American design. These garments lay empty on the floor in Charles Allis Museum‘s gathering hall, void of a personage for Frank Lloyd Wright. At oneContinue reading “No more shadows, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Ms. Wrights”

A Bird in a Can, Halyard Park, Dead Bird Brewing Company

Dead Bird Brewing Company Taproom opened last month like rumor, turns out that the truth betrayed fiction. Yes, Milwaukee now has a place called Dead Bird Brewing. A self proclaimed nanobrewery, the space that houses this small batch brewing outfit has garage chic charm that only Milwaukee’s legacy of industry embedded in neighborhoods can provide.Continue reading “A Bird in a Can, Halyard Park, Dead Bird Brewing Company”

Thieves of Fortune, Cactus Club, Endless Era

Radio Milwaukee had a spot recently with beabadoobie discussing how inexplicably some musicians with phenomenal projects toil and toil and never quite break through, and how others miraculously gain instant notoriety. A recent live effort by new kids on the scene Endless Era gave show-goers the feeling this trio could vault straight to insta-hit statusContinue reading “Thieves of Fortune, Cactus Club, Endless Era”

Permanent Press, Village Playhouse, The Clean House

Matilda (Emily Condon) bounces about Lane’s house taking life in stride while she battles an extended case of the mopes. She recently lost both her parents and has found herself a Brazilian transplant in America doing the thing she hates worst for a day job, cleaning. “Laughter cleans the insides,” Matilda announces halfway through ourContinue reading “Permanent Press, Village Playhouse, The Clean House”