Smelly Lines, Manual Controller, MALUS DOMESTICA

Instructions 1) Enjoy this as a whole. 2) Wholly enjoy this. 3) This whole, enjoy. Manual Controller released his debut full length album Salutations July 2012 and it still has legs. Click the Malus Domestica (apple) to check it out on Bandcamp. Manual Controller – CD Release (realtime) from Local Trolley on Vimeo.

One last thing 2013, R.I.P The Onion Print Edition and A.V. Club Milwaukee

I used to have this awfully bad attitude like most teens, especially toward popular media, and for some reason it extended to books of literature. I used to rant about how anyone could just start writing, making up any old thoughts and pass them off as facts or novels. Around this time, this newspaper startedContinue reading “One last thing 2013, R.I.P The Onion Print Edition and A.V. Club Milwaukee”

Staying Out There, UWM DLS, Boondocks, Aaron McGruder

Maybe because it happened to be Black History Month did the irony of Aaron McGruder’s talk at UW-Milwaukee’s most recent Distinguished Lecture Series evening feel even more striking. McGruder’s comic strip turned animated adult cartoon series, picked-up steam the past three years as one of the only televised young and flippant pop-culture outlets originating fromContinue reading “Staying Out There, UWM DLS, Boondocks, Aaron McGruder”

Up and After, Milwaukee UP, JC Poppe

Do experiences ever end as they started? If they end, then I suppose not. JC Poppe became known in Milwaukee’s hip-hop music and media scene, and beyond, as a pretty solid fixture after about two years on the keyboard creating content for his own website Milwaukee UP. Early on, OnMilwaukee added Milwaukee UP as aContinue reading “Up and After, Milwaukee UP, JC Poppe”