Many Phazers, Cactus Club, Dramatic Lovers

Dramatic Lovers is the latest configuration of a band of buddies that have a couple decades of history together making music. They play a indie pop/alternative riff on shoegaze, driving deep into any emotional cavities it can find. They put out a 7″ on Foriegn Leisure records titled Make Believe/Made it My Own in theContinue reading “Many Phazers, Cactus Club, Dramatic Lovers”

Rotten bite, Alchemist Theatre, Punk is Dead

Don (Liz Mistele) paces the greasy floor of her downtown flop room rambling on crassly, spilling the contents of her tortured soul dragged down with her lifelong impulse to seek attention through music. Maybe a moment of vulnerability let the hard veneer of an consummate disinterested and dispassionate artist crack and leak this type ofContinue reading “Rotten bite, Alchemist Theatre, Punk is Dead”

Theater RED, In Tandem Theatre, The Prison Where I Live

His unbridled vanity flowing through his wavy mane, Edwin Booth (Jared McDaris) paces his backstage dressing chamber running his lines for his next performance of Richard III, a routine piece in his repertory. His motivation, not quite as strong as his ambition we find out later, can’t drown out his reflections on his life clangingContinue reading “Theater RED, In Tandem Theatre, The Prison Where I Live”

Untitled Productions, Marcee Doherty Elst, I’ll Eat You Last

She eventually took over Zsa Zsa Gabor’s L.A. mansion, a descent ceiling for an Hollywood talent agent from upstate New York. She transplanted to the Bronx after a her dad’s suicide, which she now sees as cliche through her jaded and glassy veneer smudged from years of swimming in the movie biz’s soupy waters. HerContinue reading “Untitled Productions, Marcee Doherty Elst, I’ll Eat You Last”

In Comes Youth, Helene Fischman, In Tandem, The Outgoing Tide

Out Goes the Tide, In Comes Youth A commentary on The Outgoing Tide, In Tandem Theatre by Helene Fischman Several weeks ago, I brought my collective “Draw Write Here!” comprised of both youth and adult artists and writers, to see the In Tandem Theatre production of Bruce Graham’s, The Outgoing Tide. Taking high school studentsContinue reading “In Comes Youth, Helene Fischman, In Tandem, The Outgoing Tide”