Retrospective: Gallery Night, Summer 2009

Originally posted July 27, 2009 on the Sane Artworks Blog, this is a bad-a#$'s version of a Shih Tzu. ------ ---- ------ All around Milwaukee you can see physical changes taking place: clean-cut mixed-use developments, fragrant plantings in the boulevards. The streets are even getting paved after ten years of neglect. Some of that same... Continue Reading →

Local Trolley En Route

February 1st is Local Trolley's birthday! After starting in 2009, as content of Sane Artwork's Blog, Local Trolley is now toddling from the nest. Same author, new concept, new space. I thought it best to separate the art I create from the art I consume. Local Trolley's content will share with you activities, places and... Continue Reading →

Retrospective: Waldek Dynerman, Train Project

A post about artist Waldek Dynerman was my first. The original release date was February 1, 2009 on the Sane Artworks Blog. ------- ---- ------- Non-Obvious takes on Big History through Little Eyes In plain view under a curved lamppost with a conical fixture beaming down light, sits an endomorphic body-type mannequin postured upright on... Continue Reading →

Now You’re on the Trolley

Local Trolley blog is the result of a planned schism of the Sane Artworks Blog. Frankly, how long can Artworks stay Sane anyway? Sane Artworks did some quality galloping and finding, so before moving on there will be a retrospective of some of the highlights of the Sane Artworks blog related to events and happenings.... Continue Reading →

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