Hitting that side of the Barn, Broadminded, Jerks!

Just like sitting in forth grade homeroom again, a PA crackled the sound of a matronly voice informing us of what had come to her attention concerning recess play ground antics. Ut oh! No more “Smeer the Queer” or “Beat the Geek”, we have to play nice. Luckily for all of the troublemakers in theContinue reading “Hitting that side of the Barn, Broadminded, Jerks!”

Fly Talker, Patrick Noth, Hardcore Gaming

Patrick Noth left the Milwaukee for the big pond, NYC, and instead of being chewed up he ground out a little space for himself in the improv comedy scene. With intensions of using his first passion for that music of beats and rhymes, he’s melded both with a solder of wit and lyrical skills. He’sContinue reading “Fly Talker, Patrick Noth, Hardcore Gaming”

Carte Blanche, Cafe Bizarre, Reefer Madness!

  Nestled on 5th and Washington, on a surprisingly quiet strip in Walker’s Point, Carte Blanche Studios continues to imprint it’s butt on Milwaukee’s rogue theater scene. Carte Blanche’s current production Reefer Madness:The Musical enters it’s last weekend on Friday November 18th at 8pm, a stage adapted lampooning of the 1936 alarmist propaganda campaign againstContinue reading “Carte Blanche, Cafe Bizarre, Reefer Madness!”

Who’s Sock? Broadminded: Blood is Thicker than Liquor

You can try to sit there with a straight face, but as Broadminded guarantees stolid faces may rip or tear. Another way to look at it, if you’re not laughing, their jabs at reality may land closer to you than you may care to admit. Darn ladies of Broadminded with their knack for wit andContinue reading “Who’s Sock? Broadminded: Blood is Thicker than Liquor”

Uh, Sketchy… Pink Banana Theatre Co.

Pink Banana Theatre Co’s One Act Festival, Higher Education, drew its bow last night with a six act show aimed at funny bones, soft-spots, tear ducts (well maybe eye-balls), and family jewels. Although turning its cheek from more serious drama created by traditional theatre, some arises amidst the sketch comedy with which Higher Education batsContinue reading “Uh, Sketchy… Pink Banana Theatre Co.”