Carte Blanche, Cafe Bizarre, Reefer Madness!

  Nestled on 5th and Washington, on a surprisingly quiet strip in Walker's Point, Carte Blanche Studios continues to imprint it's butt on Milwaukee's rogue theater scene. Carte Blanche's current production Reefer Madness:The Musical enters it's last weekend on Friday November 18th at 8pm, a stage adapted lampooning of the 1936 alarmist propaganda campaign against... Continue Reading →

Uh, Sketchy… Pink Banana Theatre Co.

Pink Banana Theatre Co's One Act Festival, Higher Education, drew its bow last night with a six act show aimed at funny bones, soft-spots, tear ducts (well maybe eye-balls), and family jewels. Although turning its cheek from more serious drama created by traditional theatre, some arises amidst the sketch comedy with which Higher Education bats... Continue Reading →

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