Storming the Bastille, Euphemistically Speaking, Forget Riverwest

Thursday night, somewhere deep in Riverwest a menace was brewing. It gained strength like a festering carbuncle with no medical attention and exploded on the corner of Kilbourn and Van Buren during the close of Bastille Days. Blocking the road, 38 or so co-ed 20-somethings wear nothing but under-roos and their bicycle seats (as inContinue reading “Storming the Bastille, Euphemistically Speaking, Forget Riverwest”

A Knock-Out, Champion Chicken

It’s Wednesday and nothing else will do but fish for dinner. Where to? Thinking through my mental map quest, Colossus Gyros on 84th and Lisbon comes to mind. Riding the back roads, I get to the triangle corner of the Colossus storefront and across the street the Po Po got some dude pulled over whoContinue reading “A Knock-Out, Champion Chicken”

South East Asian in Silver City, Thai BBQ

Circling back to National Avenue from 34th and Scott, I nestle my wheels against the curb under a shade tree. I like spicy food, my hands don’t like hot steering wheels. The city bustles on 35th and National like the pulse of a hyper-tensed vein. People activity registers high in Silver City, as gnarled willsContinue reading “South East Asian in Silver City, Thai BBQ”

Cheeky Cool, Cafe Corazon

To festive Milwaukeeans, no opportunity to have the summer’s first Margarita presents itself better than Cinco de Mayo. Cafe Corazon sits as a kitsch landmark on the Beerline bike trail, happy to oblige distilled agave cravings despite Cafe Corazon’s Puerto Rican inspiration. Nestled just North of Burleigh on Bremen Street deep in Riverwest (the unofficialContinue reading “Cheeky Cool, Cafe Corazon”