Riverwest Follies: Staying true

Conversations about neighborhoods will inevitably take verbal exchanges past the landmarks of Riverwest, the neighborhood no one can agree upon. Known traditionally as Milwaukee's melting pot, Riverwest's legacy of community engagement, activism and acceptance of anti-mainstream lifestyles faces escalating jeers complaining of endemic crime and infestation of suburban social apathy. Saturday night at the Polish... Continue Reading →

Retrospective: Gallery Night, Winter 2011

Always enjoyable Gallery Night yielded a few notables during the winter 2011 edition.  Originally posted to the Sane Artworks Blog January 26, 2011. ---- -- ---- Gallery Night Milwaukee: Green Gallery, Patricia Terry, Berkeley and other splashes The winter edition of Gallery Night in Milwaukee took place Friday and Saturday this past weekend. I took... Continue Reading →

Funk, e’Lectrick Warbabyz do it, to it

The dedicated month to recognize Black History brought forth a small gathering of culturally inclined and community oriented minds to enjoy one of the greatest musical genres invented in America, funk music. An underrated space in an underrated neighborhood, King Commons II in Harambee, played host to the e'Lectrick Warbabyz' Friday night performance. A squad... Continue Reading →

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