Boom is Back, Codebreaker

I was listening to Radio Milwaukee Tuesday morning and heard native MKE band Codebreaker getting spin. Might not be the first splash they made on the radio waves, but it’s the first I heard leading in with band name announced before the song.

True to Milwaukee form, I first heard about Codebreaker in winter of 2008 while in Chicago, from Chicagoan Leah Pietrusiak a free-lance journalist with a knack for sniffing out new cool stuff. When asked, I couldn’t put a finger on the sound. It wasn’t getting air time locally. Radio Milwaukee was too busy still heavily rotating the Phoenix song 1901.

Codebreaker had a set that I missed later that summer in 2009 at Turner Hall, warming up for Tortured Soul (a mellow yet tenacious three-piece band who play so hard they are kinetically bound to their instruments). After hearing Follow Me from Codebreaker’s new album The Space Chase, I’m surprised a couple of Turner Hall bricks didn’t shake loose that night.

In the 20-0’s music atmosphere, Codebreaker inspires praise for their willingness to reintroduce the cryogenically frozen genre of dance/disco to all the spring chickens out there. Codebreaker is making rounds, currently breaking sound barriers in Austin, TX at SXSW playing last night on Patty’s Day.  Codebreaker tramps back to the Midwest April 10th scheduled to play at Smart Bar in Chicago.

Here’s an extra great Codebreaker music video via Boing Boing.

Fire (Jimmy Edgar Remix)-Codebreaker Feat. Kathy Diamond from Erik West on Vimeo.

You Late

2008 Press via ExpressMilwaukee, Press via Radio Milwaukee, Press via On Milwaukee

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