Indy 100, Borg Ward, Gozortenplat

A man on guitar plays solo, accompanying his reckless guitar strums with cackles of sung melody without tune. Live muzac really gets the adrenaline for the next act in a show going. The Borg Ward, unique for attracting antics of this sort, rightfully and righteously encourages spectacles, thriving in its new interior design and performance layout.

Teaming with other classic local underpop groups Terminal Orchestra, Ahab’s Ghost and the Busybodies at the Borg Ward, Gozortenplat divvied up some live tunes that featured a kicking drummer in an executioners mask, guitarist, and a thoughtful psycho-babbling vocalist scatting non-stop for thirty minutes. Exceedingly notable in live music entourages, lesser known instruments sneak-in. Gozortenplat made exceptional use of a dude in a lucha libre sequined mask on Theremin and Jenny Schrank on the Saw.

Never seen a Theremin? Well look at the original footage of Theremin in use, and you though people of today were weird.

Leon Theremin, on the Theremin he invented

Might be kind of hard to believe such a creation could add to an otherwise rock stomping band. The drummer/executioner playing upbeat heavy patter toms behind the rest of the ensemble amassed a sound quite capable of enabling dark forces to be unleashed from a netherworld of anguish and fun-bringing pain.

The Borg Ward kicked off Milwaukee Noise Festival yesterday, which continues tonight, and tomorrow.

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